Anti-warping Disks



The worst nightmare of ABS printing is warping. These disks almost reduce completely warping.

Add a disk at each corner of the 3D object you want to print at the bed level. Most of the time, a 1 cm disks does the job. More details are available at

The best way to use the anti-warping disk with Slic3r is:

  1. Add the anti-warping disks you need on the platter.
  2. Add the object you want to print on the platter.
  3. Align properly the object you want to print with the anti-warping disks.
  4. Save the platter as an STL file. Too much plastic will be extruded if you save the platter as a GCode file right away.
  5. Empty the platter.
  6. Load the saved STL file.
  7. Save the object as a GCode file.
  8. Print the GCode file.


Printable Files

51066_anti-warping-disk-10mmx0.6mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-10mmx0.6mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-10mmx0.8mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-10mmx0.8mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-10mmx1mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-10mmx1mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-12.5mmx0.6mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-12.5mmx0.6mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-12.5mmx0.8mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-12.5mmx0.8mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-12.5mmx1mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-12.5mmx1mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-15mmx0.6mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-15mmx0.6mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-15mmx0.8mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-15mmx0.8mm
51066_anti-warping-disk-15mmx1mm_preview_featured 51066_anti-warping-disk-15mmx1mm


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