LCD Controller mounting plate

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This is a mounting plate for a Prusa Mendel LCD Controller. It was originally designed for a “RepRapDiscount Smart Controller” mounted in the case “Case for RepRapDiscount Smart Controller” (

The mounting plate is parametrized. It can be easily adapted for almost anything you want to mount on you Prusa Mendel using the 2 top bars.

You will need:

  • a mounting plate (this Thing)
  • 2 (4) “2-way Prusa bar clamp” ( or any other 90 degrees bar clamp such as “Rescue Bar Clamp – without disassembling of Prusa Mendel” (
  • a 4″1/2 (11.5 cm) 8 mm threaded rod
  • 4 8 mm washers
  • 4 8mm nuts
  • optionally 2 screws or/and glue to mount the display on the mounting plate.

Assemble the above as shown in the pictures of this Thing. 5/16″ rods can also be used. The “2-way Prusa bar clamp” is a bit fragile. Print the “beefy” ones with a few spare ones. Do not over tight the nuts. Larger 8 mm washers are preferable.


Printable Files

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