Prusa i3 Metal Frame Combined LCD and Spool Holder

154346_holder_parts 154346_lcd_overview 154346_spool_bushing


This thing is a combined spool and LCD holder for a metal frame Prusa i3. The spool holder supports up to two filament spools.

The “Prusa i3 LCD And Spool Frame Holder.stl” file should be printed with support material.

The rods holding the top horizontal one are 5/16″ (8 mm) threaded rods, 6″ (15 cm) in length. I have tapped the two “Prusa i3 Spool Holder Top Bracket” holders and the frame brackets to screw in the rods.

The 5/16″ (8 mm) threaded rod holding the LCD is 9″ 1/2 (cm) long.

I have used a 1/4″ wooden rod to hold the filament spools which provides just enough friction. Its length depends on the distance you put between the two brackets mounted on the printer frame. Bearings are not needed.

Choose the filament guides who suit your needs, either the singles or the double one.

There are two sizes of the spool bushing. I have used #10 threaded rods to mount them on the filament spool. Spacers are put on each side of the filament spool to prevent blockage that might be caused by the nuts and the rods. I use different colors for ABS, PLA, PLA/PHA, …


Printable Files

154346_Prusa_i3_Horizontal_LCD_Holder_Left_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_Horizontal_LCD_Holder_Left
154346_Prusa_i3_Horizontal_LCD_Holder_Right_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_Horizontal_LCD_Holder_Right
154346_Prusa_i3_LCD_And_Spool_Frame_Holder_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_LCD_And_Spool_Frame_Holder
154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Holder_Frame_Bracket_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Holder_Frame_Bracket
154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Holder_Top_Bracket_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Holder_Top_Bracket
154346_Prusa_i3_90_Degree_Single_Filament_Guide_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_90_Degree_Single_Filament_Guide
154346_Prusa_i3_90_Degree_Double_Filament_Guide_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_90_Degree_Double_Filament_Guide
154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Bushing_30-45_mm_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Bushing_30-45_mm
154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Bushing_40-65_mm_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_Spool_Bushing_40-65_mm
154346_Prusa_i3_Holder_Spacer_30_mm_preview_featured 154346_Prusa_i3_Holder_Spacer_30_mm


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