Prusa i3 Metal Frame Led Bar Holder V3



This thing holds a led bar on top of the Prusa i3 metal frame (thickness of 6.5 mm) that lights up the printing bed. 1/4″ 4-40 bolts and nuts are used to attach the holder to the bar.

Unlike Prusa I3 Metal Frame Led Bar Holder, the led bar is pointing straight down without an angle.

You do not need to drill holes in the frame to install this holder.


Printable Files

136309_Prusa_i3_Led_Bar_Holder_-_v3_-_single_preview_featured 136309_Prusa i3 Led Bar Holder – v3 – single
136309_Prusa_i3_Led_Bar_Holder_-_v3_-_double_preview_featured 136309_Prusa i3 Led Bar Holder – v3 – double


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