Spool Mount Meddley V2 (Bearing version)

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This is the second revision of the spool mount I am using for my Prusa Mendel. In this version, I am no longer using the top parts of Mendel Prusa quick change filament spool. I have designed my own top parts with bearings. This version still uses the bottom part of Filament Spool & Mount System for Prusa Mendel & MendelMax.

Print two of each:

You also need:

  • 2 x threaded rods of 8 mm x 20 cm and
  • 1 x threaded rod of 8 mm x 28 cm
  • 2 x bearings 608ZZ (or a plastic model)
  • 2 x 8mm washers and nuts (Wing nuts are better)

Sometimes, the spool tend to unwind itself when using “real” 608zz bearings. Instead, you can use plastic replacement (608zz Bearing Model)


Printable Files

56836_BearingSpoolHolderTopBrackets_preview_featured 56836_BearingSpoolHolderTopBrackets
56836_608ZZ_Bearing_Model_preview_featured 56836_608ZZ Bearing Model
56836_Universal_Spool_Bushing_preview_featured 56836_Universal_Spool_Bushing


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