Arduino Mega / Mega 2560 / Due Drilling And Mounting Plates

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Arduino Mega view 1 Arduino_Mega_Mounting_Plate_preview_featured Arduino_Mega_Mounting_Plate_v2_preview_featured Arduino_Mega_Drilling_Guide_preview_featured


This thing contains a mounting plate and a drilling guide for the “Arduino Mega / Mega 2560 / Due”.

The plates are not symmetrical. The notch shall be on the power jack and ethernet cable side. The base plate is 2 mm thick. M2 5 mm or 1/4″ 4-40 screws are needed to fasten the board to the mounting plate. The mounting holes are three mm in diameter.

The holes do not go through the lower layer to make it easier to print. You will have to drill them.

The post near pins 21-22 on Arduino_Mega_Mounting_Plate.stl is one mm lower. This was needed because of the nearby soldering pads. The V2 version has a 5 mm post like the others.


Printable Files

Arduino_Mega_Mounting_Plate_preview_featured Arduino Mega Mounting Plate
Arduino_Mega_Mounting_Plate_v2_preview_featured Arduino Mega Mounting Plate v2
Arduino_Mega_Drilling_Guide_preview_featured Arduino Mega Drilling Guide


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