For June, 2013

WordPress “Internal server error”

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You may experience an “Internal server error” on the home page of your site if you are a customer of iPower. You cannot access the home page nor login to WordPress.

Simply edit the php.ini files located in the root directory of WordPress and in the wp-admin subdirectory to fix this issue. If they do not exist, create them. Add a line containing “cgi.force_redirect = Off”, without the double quotes. You will need to update or create these files either using iPower‘s file manager or FTP.

3D Printing Supply Estimator

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A GCode Analyzer for 3D printing is now available. This on-line tool estimates the amount of filaments required and the cost to print a 3D object. Give the filament type, customize some parameters if needed and upload the GCode files. Dual extrusion is supported. The current version is beta. Click on 3d printing GCode analyzer to give it a spin.

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