For February, 2013

Preventing warping when printing 3D ABS objects

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The biggest issue when printing 3D ABS objects is warping. As an example, this 8 cm x 8 cm bit holder is badly warped. In this example, 5 mm.

Adding disks (1.5 cm x 1 mm) at each corners prevents warping almost completely. These anti-warping disks can be easily added on the plater of Slic3r. The printing end result printing is shown on the picture below. 1 cm x 0.6 cm disks also works fine.

After trimming the disks, the end result is very good. Warping is less than 0.2 mm.

You can download the OpenScad source file along with some rendered files.

VirtualBox does not run or runs slowly under Windows 8

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Windows 8 comes with Hyper-V pre-installed. ¬†If you want to run Virtual Box, you must completely uninstall Hyper-V through the “Add and Remove Programs” option from the Control Panel. ¬†Failing doing so will result in:

  • Virtual Box will display error messages when starting up your Virtual Machine
  • You will not be able to change the number of processors in Virtual Box
  • You virtual machine will run very slowly because of the inability to increase the number of processors
  • Hardware acceleration will be disabled

Stopping the Hyper-V service is not enough.

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