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This is a Customizable Small Linear Carriage Generator. This set of files generate the printable parts needed to build a small linear carriage. This carriage is designed to be a Z axis carriage while Customizable Linear Carriage Generator is the Y axis. The X axis will be uploaded soon. It can be heavily customized.

The Libre Office Calc file is used to compute some key values needed to create the printable parts. Some resulting values have a variable name on the right. These values shall be copied into the Parameters.scad file. It is the only OpenScad file that contains modifiable parameters.

Once you have customized the parameters in Parameters.scad, open the files “Front Plate.scad”, “Motor Mount.scad” and “BearingHousingMount.scad” with OpenScad, render them and export the three models. Before printing or cutting material, verify carefully the overall part sizes. Invalid parts may be generated if incoherent values are inputted.

The value given in the given files are for:

20 x 20 mm V-SLOTâ„¢ Linear rail (337 mm in length)
1 Nema17 stepper motor (17HS8401)
4 Delrin V Wheelâ„¢ Kit with spacers
1 8 mm lead screw (four starts) easily available from Chinese suppliers
1 flexible 8mm – 5mm coupler
2 608ZZ bearings with a 8 mm washer
2 T-Slot inserts with the required M5 screws (10 mm)
4 M3 screws to mount the motor (8 mm)
5 M5 screws and nuts to mount the V Wheels (25 mm)
2 M3 screws and nuts to mount the nut bracket. (10 mm)

Mount the bearing housing without the bearing in the housing first.


Printable Files

opencalc Small Linear Carriage
motor_mount_preview_featured Motor Mount
front_plate_preview_featured Front plate
bearing_mount_preview_featured Bearing Housing Mount
openscad Parameters
openscad MotorMount
openscad Front plate
openscad BearingHousingMount
File ZIP OpenScad Library


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