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These spool bushings are simple. Use one or two elastic bands to install them on a spool. Nothing else is required. The center hole of the bushing is for a 1/4″ smooth rod. It can be easily increased with a drill bit.

I have supplied spool bushing of 31, 39 and 52 mm. They fit center holes of 32, 40 and 53 mm respectively. If you need another size, just give me the diameter of the center hole of your spool, and I will upload them. The minimum size is 30 mm.


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Simple_Spool_Bushing_v02_31_mm_preview_featured Simple Spool Bushing v02 31 mm
Simple_Spool_Bushing_v02_39_mm_preview_featured Simple Spool Bushing v02 39 mm
Simple_Spool_Bushing_v02_52_mm_preview_featured Simple Spool Bushing v02 52 mm
Simple_Spool_Bushing_v02_54_mm_preview_featured Simple Spool Bushing v02 54 mm


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