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This object is a parametric utility box with a bracket to join them together either by their sides or fronts. Sample STL files have been provided, which yield a box of 75 mm in width, 40 mm in depth and 100 mm in height along with both joining brackets.

To customize these boxes, you will need to install OpenScad. The parameters that need to be customized are all in “Parameters.scad” file. Open the “Box.scad, “SideClip.scad” and “FrontClip.scad” with OpenScad and generate the corresponding STL files.


Printable Files

DSCN2057 Parameters (OpenScad parameters file)
preview_featured1 Box (OpenScad file)
preview_featured1 Box (Sample STL)
preview_featured2 SideClip (OpenScad file)
preview_featured2 SideClip (Sample STL)
preview_featured3 FrontClip (OpenScad file)
preview_featured3 FrontClip (Sample STL)


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