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This is an adjustable foot for 40 mm T-Slot aluminium extrusion. It was design, especially for a 3D printer. It can serve other purposes obviously.

You will likely need 4 feet, 2 right and 2 left supports. Furthermore, you will need four threaded rods of either 8mm or 5/16″ in diameter. They must be at least 50 mm length. Finally, to be able to assemble the feet, you will need to thread the supports and the feet.


Printable Files

40_mm_T-Slot_Feet_Right_Support_preview_featured 40 mm T-Slot Feet Right Support
40_mm_T-Slot_Feet_Left_Support_preview_featured 40 mm T-Slot Feet Left Support
40_mm_T-Slot_Feet_preview_featured 40 mm T-Slot Feet


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