Cable Hanger for Doors

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This kit of 3D objects makes a cable hanger to be hooked to a door without screws. It is suitable for 6 feet cables assuming that the door is 80 inches high. Each cable holder section has 18 teeth or 17 grooves. Each groove is 3 cm deep. One cable holder section is 17.5 cm wide. A two mm clearance is required between the door’s top and the door frame.

You will need to print a least one “Door Hook Left.stl”, one “Door Hook Right.stl” and one “Cable Holder.stl”. You can employ more than one “Cable Holder.stl”. For each supplementary “Cable Holder.stl” used, you will need to print one “Door Hook Middle.stl”.

On the picture, there is:
1 x “Door Hook Left.stl”
1 x “Door Hook Right.stl”
3 x “Cable Holder.stl”
2 x “Door Hook Middle.stl”

Glue may be required to assemble the Cable Hanger together.


Printable Files

Cable_Holder_preview_featured Cable Holder
Door_Hook_Left_preview_featured Door Hook Left
Door_Hook_Right_preview_featured Door Hook Right
Door_Hook_Middle_preview_featured Door Hook Middle


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