It is not obvious to choose and get a 3D printer. There is quite a lot a choices on the market which can be divided in two categories: pre-assembled and kits. Pre-assembled printers are expensive. Kits can be a quite a challenge to assemble as per many testimonials on the web.

I was fortunate enough to attend a 3D printer building workshop given by Voxel Factory. Each participant build his own fully functionnal Prusa Mendel 3D printer in a week-end! Yes, in two days not weeks. Since then, I have printed not only bunnies (I have printed one!) but useful pieces such as filament holders, Raspberry PI plate, Raspberry PI cases, Arduino cases, Dremel tool holders, etc.

If you decide to assemble your own 3D printer, it worth doing it with someone who has experience. 3D printing needs some know how and experience. Expect to see my tricks and tips posted on this blog.