Desiccant Spool Tumbler Add-ons

These are two add-ons for the Desiccant Spool Tumbler designed by chuyskywalker ( I like the design. I’m constantly using them. A funnel is provided to fill them out with desiccant. The cover is a bit difficult to open or close, which is great, preventing the desiccant from escaping. A handle is also provided to help close and open the tumbler.

Support material is not required for the funnel. Support is required for the handle, only for the slot. An infill of 25% is recommended.

This object was designed using OpenSCAD.

Printable Files

  Dessicant Spool Tumbler Handle
  Dessicant Spool Tumbler Handle Source Code
  Desiccant Spool Tumbler Funnel
  Dessicant Spool Tumbler Funnel Source Code

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