When it is time to transfer files, e-mail has its limitation. Most of the time, e-mail size is limited to 5 megabytes or so. The site FileConvoy lets you share files without virtually any size limits. There are mainly two use cases.

You can share files anonymously. You upload the files you wish to share and upon completion of the upload, links are displayed. You then copy theses links and send them to the recipients of the files. When the recipients will copy these links onto the address bar of the browser, they will start the download process of these files.

The other use case uses e-mail notifications. During the upload process of your documents, you can specify the e-mail addresses of the recipients of your documents. They will then receive an e-mail with instructions to download your documents. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when a recipient retrieves the documents.

In either case, you do not have to register yourself like many other services. What is more important, it is FREE.