Parametric Bumper Feet


This is a simple OpenSCAD project that generates bumper feet for various objects. It was specifically designed to replace the lost bumper feet of a Falcon Print Trimmer. Printing it using TPU is the best way to go. A sample is included. To create a custom one:

  1. Open the ParametricOpenBox.scad file with openScad ( )
  2. Modify the variables outerSizeX, outerSizeY, outerSizeZ and thickness to suit your needs.
  3. Press [F5] and then [F6] to generate the cover.
  4. Export it as an STL file
  5. Slice it using your favorite software and print it!

Support is not required.

This object was designed using openSCAD

Printable Files

  ParametricBumperFeet (openSCAD file)
  ParametricBumperFeet (Sample file)

This object is also published on the following site(s):

Copyright 2012-2020 by Claude “Tryphon” Théroux

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