Manufacturer Model Capacity Read speed
Write speed
Patriot Xporter XT Rage 32 GB 27 25
Corsair Voyager GTR 32 GB 34 28
Lexar Echo MX 32 GB 30 17
Kingston DTR 500 32 GB 30 20
Kingston DTIG3/32GBZ 32 GB 10 5
Kingston DT102/32GBZ 32 GB 10 5
Transcend Jet Flash 700 32 GB 70 30
Transcend Jet Flash 600/620 32 GB 32 12

1 thought on “USB Flash Drives comparison

  1. I have one Corsair Voyager GT, 32Gb, USB 3. Using the “Disk” utility in Linux Mint 17 the read speed is aroung 200 mb/s and the write is less than 10 mb/s. This device is physically larger than the Voyagers and can pose a port sharing problem when connected to a port that is in close proximity to other ports.
    I have two Corsair Voyagers (1@32Gb & 1@16Gb) and both read at 200+ mb/s and write at about 15 mb/s. This device can pose a port sharing problem for USB ports placed vertically, but not horizontally.
    I use these to install Linux and to boot Linux utilities and have formatted and loaded software many times with no problems. Using a USB 3 port,installing to a sata3/6Gb SSD connected to a sasta3/6Gb port, I can install linux Mint 17 in a computer in five minutes or less.

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