Ikea Bror Caster Holder


This object lets you install casters to a Bror workbench. It is designed for 1-7/8″ (48.5 mm) x 2-9/16″ (65.5 mm) casters. The holes for the bolts are 2-1/8″ (54 mm) x 1″ (25 mm) apart. The bolts I used are 1/4″ (6.25 mm) in diameter, 1/2″ (12.5 mm) long.

This object works very well for me. Nevertheless, YOU must make sure that this object can handle the usage you will make of it. Many factors may contribute to making this object fail. The quality of the print, the strength of the casters, and so on. You are solely responsible for using it.

Support material is not needed. An infill of 35% is recommended.

This object was designed using Fusion 360

Printable Files

  Ikea Bror Wheel Holder

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You may request the source file(s) of this object. Ask for it by posting a comment below. Your email address will NOT be used for any other purposes than delivering you the source files. By doing so:

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If you do not agree to any of these conditions, do NOT request the source files.

Copyright 2012-2020 by Claude “Tryphon” Théroux

15 thoughts on “Ikea Bror Caster Holder

  1. Please could you send me the source file for the caster holder.
    Thank you

  2. Hi, sorry I’m not sure I understand this thread, since I’m not very tech savvy. But this product is exactly what I need, are these commercially available? Do you make and sell them? Or are you just offering a digital file for people to make-it-themselves on a 3D printer? Thx

    • Hi, I designed this caster holder. I have made the source file available for anybody that wants to print them by themselves. I don’t sell them. Regards.

  3. Hi mate, great job! Can i have the source for different casters set?
    Thank you very much!

    • Hi, you will receive an email from fileconvoy.com with a link to download it. Regards, Claude

  4. Hi,
    I checked my emails but I don’t find anything from you, did you send it?
    A thousand thanks

    • Hi, I sent it the day you ask for it. I will send it again within an hour. One suggestion, check your spam folder.

    • Hi, you will receive a notification from fileconvoy.com with a link to download the file.

  5. Hi,
    Could I get the source files for the caster holders?
    The casters I got are different.
    Thanks a lot

  6. Can I please have the source files for this? I would like to make a set of casters, however the plate on my casters differs a bit in size from the one here. Thanks!

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